Which Workout Works?

Posted on February 6, 2017

I am happy to say that I have finally gotten back to the body that I am happy with. Growing up as an athlete and being a pretty active person I never really struggled with weight. I just assumed I would stay in good shape, but like many, college was a rude awakening. I quickly put on the freshman 15, or more…and it was there to stay.

Going to school in the mountains did give me the luxury of wearing oversized sweaters and leggings 24/7 so it wasn’t really an issue. Honestly, it didn’t even bother me until I weighed myself during my last semester of college. I was taking my final PE class and we were measuring our body fat. As I looked around at everyone in class, I made assumptions about what my body fat would be compared to theirs. I just knew mine would be low.

Well, was I wrong! I weighed way more than I thought and my body fat was pretty high. That’s what I get for thinking I’m an acceptation to the rules.

After learning that I needed some serious work I started to visit the gym more often. So, instead of zero times a week I went 2 maybe 3 times, ran on the treadmill and expected the pounds to fly. Instead of losing weight, I actually gained weight.

Doing strictly cardio increased my appetite but really didn’t burn enough calories. I am just not a runner, so I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough for cardio to make a difference. Thankfully, I also switched my diet during that last semester of college. In the end, I got back to a weight I was comfortable with but not because of my workout.

I stubbornly kept on the strictly cardio path for a few years. I ramped up my gym visits to around 5 times a week and I saw some results but still nothing that I was proud of. I needed to do more in the gym but I just couldn’t find what I needed to push myself.

One day a friend of mine recommended  ClassPass. ClassPass is a program designed to help you try different types of workouts on one monthly plan. The classes range from yoga to CrossFit to open gym time.

Why was this beneficial?

When I started out this program it was beneficial because it gave me the chance to explore different gyms. I went to a few places that I wasn’t crazy about and some that I loved. I wouldn’t have just “shopped around” at different gyms if I hadn’t tried ClassPass. Who knew that they were all so different!?

You may try yoga for the first time and decide it is the one workout for you. Plenty of people find a gym and decide to cancel ClassPass so they can commit fully the one place. That is great!

Personally, I love the classes that I chose to take, but what I like the most is that I can do different things. I have several different goals that I want to achieve through my workouts and I just haven’t found one that satisfies all of my needs.

If you are in a workout rut I would highly suggest doing something like ClassPass. You may not have found what you love yet or you might just need to be in that group environment that motivates you. Hopefully spicing up your workout can put you back in the groove and make you excited about spending that well deserved time and money on you.

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